Eve Hutcherson, the G-ma of these Chronicles, is a writer living and working in Nashville, Tennessee, where she has slowly begun to cope with the shock of becoming a grandmother and is re-learning to appreciate the perspective on life that is the magical property of small children only.

Not long after the G-kids arrived and grew Eve’s heart to a much larger size, she began sharing with a few close friends the joys, of course, but also the foibles, gaps, and occasional downright failures she experienced in the adventure called “grandparenting”. She felt a bit alone when first initiating these confessions, having divined from Facebook (and who doesn’t believe everything displayed there?) that all other grandparents of her acquaintance appeared to be flawless, instinctive performers of the sacred role. The similar confessions that came back to Eve in return—and better still, the laughter—emboldened her to begin capturing these experiences for readers, to bring comfort to those G-veterans brave enough to admit that not every step in the G-parent journey is perfect. Or even close. The G-ma Chronicles became home to these tales, along with a few other reflections on mid-life and family from a writer whose deepest belief is that nothing is more healing in the face of difficulty than laughter.

A native Kentuckian (and lifelong member of the Big Blue Nation), Eve has adopted Music City for her own.  When rattling off her long list of blessings, she starts with the G-kids (naturally!)—then counts live music, her beloved Basset Hound, her amazing and tolerant friends, great art, yoga classes close at hand, and hot chicken (never to be confused with chicken served at a high temperature) with biscuits. But most of all, and always, she bows to her incredible family, wherever they are and have been, a source of love and comedy that never, ever runs dry.

Eve has worked as a journalist and magazine writer, publishing in regional, national, and international publications.  Her work has earned awards in both news and business competitions.

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